White Paper & Template

The Event SWOT Analysis

Make a real impact on your events with:

1. A 5-page white paper with the most important information on the SWOT for your event
2. An interactive template that you can download for your own events SWOT analysis

Event SWOT Analysis

Increase the Impact on Your Events

The SWOT analysis can be a helpful tool if you need a quick status quo for your event planning strategy. It gives you a profound overview of your weaknesses and strengths and helps you make decisions. With the participation of all employees, it can strengthen internal communication.

What Will You Find in the White Paper?

  • What is a SWOT Analysis?

  • SWOT Analysis in Event Management

  • Internal and External Factors for SWOT

  • What does the SWOT Analysis tell me about my Event?

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What Will You Find in the Template?

  • Interactive Spreadsheet to create your own SWOT Analysis

  • Download and reuse for unlimited events

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