Wonder is a virtual space where groups can get together to create connections in a way that feels natural and energizing. It is mainly used for stand-alone networking events or networking sessions as part of larger events, such as conferences and fairs.

Wonder Benefits

This is what a Wonder Space looks like.

  • "2D space" where participants can move freely

  • Can be accessed from the browser - no download is necessary

  • Customizable to brand and event

  • Free for organizers and participants


Data Transferring

Sweap does not directly pass on any personal data. They are only transmitted when the user deliberately calls up the integration. This usually includes a unique ID, surname, first name and possibly an e-mail address.

Wonder Use Cases

Wonder is used at many types of events. The most common use cases are networking sessions, workshops, online parties, job fairs, or similar formats.

In the context of larger events, Wonder is particularly well suited:

  • Before the event starts: attendees who arrive early spend their time waiting. By networking on Wonder, they can get value before the start.

  • Between presentations: Attendees can share content between presentations. 

  • After your event: after the event, guests can wrap up the event in an open-ended networking session.