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The Event SWOT Analysis

Make a real impact on your events.

Event SWOT Analysis

Increase the Impact on Your Events

The SWOT analysis can be a helpful tool if you need a quick status quo for your event planning strategy. It gives you a profound overview of your weaknesses and strengths and helps you make decisions. With the participation of all employees, it can strengthen internal communication.

Make a real impact on your events with:

  1. A 5-page white paper with the most important information on the SWOT for your event

  2. An interactive template that you can download for your own events SWOT analysis

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  • What is a SWOT Analysis?

  • SWOT Analysis in Event Management

  • Internal and External Factors for SWOT

  • What does the SWOT Analysis tell me about my Event?

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  • Interactive Spreadsheet to create your own SWOT Analysis

  • Download and reuse for unlimited events

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