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We are Sweapsters. We don't strive for perfection, but we believe we can do better every day. Our goal is to create magic in a technologically shaped world. We want to make a difference.

Our Mission:
Make events the most valuable marketing channel.

These are the amazing people who make it possible ...

  • Theo Vassiliou-Gioles

    Senior Finance & TOM

  • Jens Bolms

    Sales Director EMEA

  • Adrien Muller

    Founder's Associate

  • Nicholas Walther

    Operations Manager

  • Julia Walther

    Teamlead Customer Success

  • Nikolaos Gallas

    Customer Success Manager

  • Ingo Luger

    Customer Service Manager

  • Yannic Scheffel

    Product Owner

  • Wissam Ghozlan

    Frontend Developer

  • Bogdan Stanca-Kaposta

    Senior Principal Engineer

  • David Müller

    Full Stack Developer

  • Matija Vojvodic

    Product Designer

  • Christian Ernst

    Senior Product Designer

  • Rafael Camisassa

    Marketing Designer

  • Anna Alter

    Office Manager

  • Jeannine Fechner

    Head of Human Relations

  • Oliver Edwards

    Head of Marketing

  • Mia Vassiliou-Gioles

    Working Student Social Media

  • Sven Dietz

    Web Developer

  • Florian Kühne


  • Sven Frauen


  • Matthias Heicke


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Event Success Stories

Rolls-Royce München senkt No-Show-Rate auf 11%

Event-Typ: Promotion
Event-Format: Vor-Ort
Unternehmenstyp: Groß

90 % Teilnahmequote durch Snipes' Event-Einladungen

Event-Typ: Promotion
Event-Format: Vor-Ort
Unternehmenstyp: Groß

Die FWT erhöht Event-Regstrierungen um 17%

Event-Typ: Sport
Event-Format: Vor-Ort
Unternehmenstyp: Klein

We wowed our exclusive event attendees with the quick and easy process of registering and checking in on-site for the movie premiere. In addition, our conversion rate was higher than expected: More than 90% of people who accepted the invitation showed up for the event.
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Yutian Zou Jr. Eventmarketing & Sponsoring Manager, SNIPES SE

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