Guest List Management

Manage Guest Lists Faster

Simply import your guest lists. Our software takes care of duplicates, ensures that your data stays up-to-date and brings order to your data. Time-consuming data entries are no longer necessary.

Guest List Management

Feel in Control of your Data

All your guest data is in one place and automatically synced with your Marketing and Sales CRM tools.

Flexible, Powerful and yet Simple

Forget Manual Spreadsheets

All the guest information you need in one place, always up-to-date and easy to use. Use guest categories, attributes and tags for smarter audience segmentation and personalised communication. Create your own guest attributes to track of the information that is relevant to you.

Audience Data Visualised

Derive Actionable Insights

Have all data from any event type and format, available at any time, from everywhere. In the event dashboard, you can derive actionable insights for data-informed decisions.

Together. Coordinated. Successful.

Work as a Team

Give users different roles and rights for seamless collaboration in Sweap. The planning and implementation of an event is not a single achievement - we have built Sweap so that you can collaborate better.

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The Sweap team always listens to my needs and continues to develop and perform. You can use the tool creatively and find the right solution.
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4 Steps to Successful
Guest List Management

1. Data sourcing & guest list creation

Gather all contact information available to you to promote your event. Professional guest list management systems allow you to import scattered data with a single click. Combine all your contact data into a centralized, elegant guest list to make sure no one is left behind.

2. Guest list invitations

Your guest list is ready - time to start sending out those invitations to your potential attendees. Make sure to personalize your invitations as a way of making your guests feel special from the start.

3. Guest list updates
& adjustments

As your attendees start registering for your event, your guest list begins to form. Attributes such as addresses, company names, food requirements, transport, and hotel information are added to your list. This kind of information allows you to segment your guest list and effectively manage your guest’s expectations.

4. Guest list evaluation

Reporting is key to ensuring the success of your future events. Once the curtain is down and the lights are on, you need to evaluate your event’s success. This step is critical in finding room for improvement and making your next event even more memorable for your guests.

More efficient events.
Longer attendee relationships.

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10 Tips on Effective
Guest List Management

1. Start early

Begin creating your guest list well in advance of the event to ensure you have plenty of time to make changes and updates.

2. Stay organized

Create a system for tracking guests, preferably a specialized guest list management software.

3. Think inclusive

Think about the demographics of your guest list and try to include a diverse group of people.

4. Have a clear RSVP process

Make sure guests know how to RSVP, what information you need from them, and when the RSVP deadline is.

5. Follow up with guests

Keep in touch with guests to remind them of the event and to check that they're still planning to attend.

6. Create a master list

Keep a master list of all the guests and their contact information, so you can easily communicate with them.

7. Send invitations

Send out formal invitations to guests to ensure they have all the information they need to attend.

8. Prepare for unexpected guests

Have a plan in place for dealing with unexpected guests to ensure that they can be accommodated if possible.

9. Review the list regularly

Review the guest list regularly to make sure all the details are accurate and that you're expecting the right number of guests.

10. Always stay flexible

Be flexible and be prepared to make adjustments to the guest list as necessary.

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