is a software solution that allows your audience to interact live. It doesn't matter whether the event takes place digitally, in presence or hybrid. works via a QR code or shareable links, this allows you to collect reactions, create questions and polls or collect thoughts with a word cloud. Q&A's, applause or an election - with, all these formats are possible.

Benefits of Mockup

  • Plan interactions with your audience in advance

  • Evaluate reactions and feedback in real time

  • Receive a detailed report on the interactions of your event.

  • Run secure surveys with's GDPR compliant solution

Integration Features

All you'll need is a account and the Sweap Virtual Event Platform.

Data Transferring

Sweap does not directly pass on any personal data. They are only transmitted when the user deliberately calls up the integration. This usually includes a unique ID, surname, first name and possibly an e-mail address.

Use Cases

Polls in Sweap's virtual event platform

  • Webinars

  • Workshops

  • Hybrid Events

  • Virtual Events

  • Onsite Events


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