Event Management Software: Guide 2023

Event management software that helps event organizers plan, execute and evaluate their virtual or hybrid event is a big topic right now. If you are still unsure whether you need event management software or don't know what to look for when choosing a suitable platform this article is just right for you.

What is event management software anyway?

A good event management software supports you in the entire planning, execution and evaluation of an event as well as the entire organization around it. Basically, it is an all-in-one project management tool developed especially for events that makes everything related to your event as easy as possible. The areas covered by event management software vary from platform to platform. Common functions are e.g.:

Do I need event management software for my event?

A good event management software has a variety of functions and thus some arguments in favor of its use:

Event management software is the basis for your virtual event

Not only on-site events, but also virtual events need a "venue" - in this case a platform - to take place. For some meetings, a simple video conferencing tool is enough, but especially for larger events that are supposed to be especially engaging, smart solutions are needed to transfer the elements that an on-site event brings with it, such as networking, various lecture rooms, workshops, talks, exhibitions, etc., into the digital realm.

A good event management software saves you a lot of time and nerves

An event management software thinks all these areas and supports you in the best case also with the necessary know-how and all tools around it. With a good event management software, you normally not only get the software itself but also experts who support you in using the platform in the best possible way and customizing it for your event. For you, this means more efficient planning and targeted results.

Good event management software ensures a smooth process

Professional event management software ensures that everything runs smoothly. In the dashboard, you can see at a glance what is planned next, and your guests will find all content and information on a central interface, without having to switch back and forth between different windows. If the platform also has your look & feel (corporate identity), this ensures the perfect, professional appearance that you and your guests want.

Good event management software increases interaction between and with your guests

At its best, a virtual event feels just as close and interactive as an on-site event - after all, that's what it's all about: engaging* people and creating unforgettable brand experiences. (*Do you want to increase audience engagement at your virtual and hybrid events? Then download the free Engagement Bundle).

This requires smart solutions that let participants network with each other and interact with your company and the event content in an uncomplicated and intuitive way. Good event management software always has this in mind and offers the ability to incorporate interactive features that encourage engagement and communication. Chat and survey integrations give attendees the opportunity to connect with you and others. Live polls and Q&As keep guests engaged throughout the event without feeling unnatural.

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A good event management software answers all security and privacy questions for you

Virtual events raise a whole new set of questions about security and privacy. Good event management software already thinks about these and finds suitable integration tools that take your personal data protection strategy into account, even for strict internal data protection rules. Want to learn more about data protection at virtual events? Then read our article "Virtual events - what to consider according to the GDPR".

Good event management software makes evaluating your event a breeze

The subsequent evaluation is almost as important as the event itself. With the right tools, you can see at a glance in your event management software what your participants liked and didn't like, where things went wrong and what went really well, and you can learn from this for future events in order to offer your participants even better experiences in the future.


If you want to professionalize your virtual or hybrid event, event management software is almost inevitable. When choosing a suitable platform, make sure that it

  • enables integration of all tools that are important to you

  • offers security solutions

  • can provide you with an expert who will help you with questions and problems quickly and uncomplicatedly and support you with individualizations

  • has integrated tools for the evaluation of the most important KPIs

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