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State of Event Management Report 2022

Event strategies you can't miss.


Event Management Unlocked

It's hard to plan events in 2022. Conditions and technology are constantly changing.

With proper data, you can feel confident about your event strategy. We've taken care of the research for you. This report includes:

1. Hear what 500+ leading event professionals are thinking.
2. Get access to the newest research results.
3. Gain insights about global event programs.

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  • 16 weeks of research for free.

  • An overview of the most important event trends based on over 500 responses.

  • Interviews with leading event experts.

  • The benefits and shifting objectives of events

  • The concept of event efficiency and how to achieve it

  • How the pandemic continues to affect the events industry

  • How event professionals are dealing with current challenges

  • 2022 event format trends

  • Overlooked opportunities in automation and software

  • The new responsibilities of event professionals

  • The role of events in the marketing mix

  • The power of community as an objective and an instrument

  • The facilitation and meaning of event success

  • How to enhance event engagement in 2022

  • The technologies revolutionizing the industry

Who is this for?

  • Event Manager

  • Event Marketer

  • Content Marketer

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