Guestlist Software:
Say Goodbye to Manual Data Entries

Sweap's software organizes your guest data automatically and ensures that you stay organized.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use

Guest List Software

  1. Reason #1: Communicate in a targeted way

    Add tags, categories or attributes to your guest data. You can use this feature to adjust your messages according to the guest data.

  2. Reason #2: Trust your guest data

    Manual data entries, e.g. with Excel, are error-prone. Sweap automatically takes care of duplicates and incoherent data.

  3. Reason #3: Feel in control

    Get an overview of all your guest data in one place and automatically integrate with your existing CRM.

  4. Reason #4: Enrich your guest lists

    With a guest list tool, you can adjust your guest data with custom labels to add more context and information.

  5. Reason #5: Make data-driven decisions

    With event management solutions, you can not only check-in hundreds of attendees in-person through an app, but you can also host your events on a virtual venue.

What Sweap's Guestlist Software

Looks Like

No Manual Data Entries

Import. And done.

Import your guest lists with ease. Our software takes care of duplication, keeps your data up to date, and organizes your guest data. Manual data entry that takes hours of time is no longer required.

Integrate Sweap with your existing tech stack

Integrated seamlessly.

Get access to an ever-expanding list of integrations that can be paired with the Sweap event platform.

Guestlist Software Integrations

Make data-driven decisions based on guest data

Reports for every event.

Get access to all your guest data from all your events. Sweap's dashboards provide crucial information to ensure that you always are in control of how your event campaigns are performing.

Guestlist event software reporting and analytics tools

Stunning Webpages & E-Mails

Engage your guests.

Your guests expect personalized communication - make sure that your E-Mails and registration pages convert. Choose from beautiful templates to make your event communication stand out.

Guestlist Emails and registration pages

Why Pick Sweap As Your

Guestlist Software?

Guestlist management is one of the most time-consuming tasks of being an event professional. Not only that, manual work leads to mistakes that are hard to identify and fix.

In addition, manual guestlists are not well structured and lack rich data to create targeted campaigns.

Sweap's guestlists solves all these problems. Hundreds of the world's best event teams use Sweap to automate their guestlist management. Sweap recognizes duplicates and automatically adds new registrants to your lists. It's also linked to e-mails: Just send e-mails to a guest categories with the click of two buttons.

How Sweap's Guestlist Software Works

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Guest List Insights event management

Thanks to Sweap, our event management processes are much more effective.

Jan Pörksen
Managing Director, IHK Berlin

Ready to get started?

Why is Guestlist Software important?

Guestlist management tools help you keep an overview over all data from any type and format of event available at any time and from any location.

You may get meaningful insights for data-driven choices with event and guestlist dashboards.

Guestlist solutions like Sweap allows you to provide multiple roles and permissions to users for smooth cooperation. The planning and execution of an event is a multi-step process, and Sweap was created to help you work more effectively.

How can I choose the right Guestlist Software?

There are a few questions that you should ask yourself before you choose a guestlist tool. Then check if the tool of your choice fulfills your needs.

  • How many guests do you expect per year?

  • How many events do you want to run per year?

  • What does your existing guestlist solution look like, e.g. Excel? Can the guestlist software make use of your existing data?

  • What are important integrations for you, e.g. CRMs?

  • How many people will be working on your guestlists?

  • Which insights do you need, e.g. replies over time?

How does Guestlist Software work?

Guestlist software eliminates duplication, keeps your data up to date, and organizes your information. Data entry that takes time is no longer required.

What are the benefits of Guestlist Software?

Here is a list of guestlist software benefits:

  • Save tons of time that you would have spent on low-value work

  • Get more accurate guest data

  • Get actionable insights that you can use to improve your event program

  • Put guests into categories and assign them with attributes and tags to communicate with them in a targeted way

What are disadvantages of a Guestlist Software?

If you run one event per year or only have a small number of guests, the investment into a guestlist software might not be worth it. To receive real value from it, you should deal with hundreds and thousands of guests.

How much does Guestlist Software cost?

Sweap's pricing starts at 99 Euros and increases with the number of Sweap users and guests.

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